Deltacarb SA is a family company founded in 1991. The company currently covers an area of 1600 m² with 30 employees. Our activity consists in producing Hard Metal starting with a process of mixing powders of tungsten and cobalt, pressed, extruded, worked and subsequently treated with processes of pre-sintering and sintering with HIP furnaces so that the granules of the powders unite to form the carbide. It is a production process which requires a very particular technology.

Currently we are able to offer 25 carbide grades. Carbide tools and wear parts are harder than high speed steel and super fast tools and can withstand higher cutting temperatures thus allowing higher machining speeds. We offer a wide range of products (standard or special geometry) and a wide range of quality required by the specific needs of customers. The quality of products and the efficiency of production processes are constant and reliable. Hard metals are used to make such tools for industrial processes to remove shavings (turning, milling, drilling) or for any other process in which the request is a material of high hardness (cutting, crushing, trenching, stamping, precision tools , etc.) Our production is addressed to various sectors of engineering industry, tool manufacturers, cutting tool industry, wood and stone working, the watch industry, railway industry, automotive and aerospace industries, the field of surgery, dental and many other applications. We also have a department of grinding that allows us to offer a complete product.